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I love having the Essentials series for historical purposes, but like others have said, this volume illustrates how clearly it took a while for the Thor series to come into its own. For the first couple of years Thors adventures were frustratingly earthbound, with only hints of the level of cosmic power worthy of the God of Thunder that Thor would begin to encounter later in the 60s. While the Loki stories are clearly the best of this collection, in these early years Thor battles a bunch of unmemorable adversaries like one-off aliens, uncostumed common criminals, and random dictators and communists.It kind of says something that after Loki, some of the better Thor stories here have him battling relatively weak supervillains Cobra and Mister Hyde, better in team-ups or suited to lower-powered heroes like Daredevil. But even with those characters, we can see progress in each appearance. First, in JIM #98, were introduced to the Cobra, whos relatively weak but is at least superpowered and wears a costume. In the next issue, were introduced to Mister Hyde, not the greatest character but at least stronger than the Cobra. Cobra and Hyde team up for a two-parter in issue #105, and then team up for a better two-parter in #110 after getting a power-boost from Loki. The later issues in this volume also feature the introductions of the Grey Gargoyle and, much better, the Enchantress and the Executioner (after a false-start single appearance by a South American dictator called the Executioner in issue #84).Jane Foster is kind of a problem, too. A couple of years in and really all she does is get imperiled by villains and fret over what a cold fish Dr. Don Blake is and how dreamy Thor is by comparison. She gradually starts showing a teeny bit of personality, but you can see why eventually (a couple of years after this collection ends) she was written out of the series. If Sue Storms early years in The Fantastic Four showed that Stan Lee had trouble writing strong female characters, its almost like Alison Bechdel wrote that series compared to Jane Fosters cipher status in these early Thors.But the best things about this collection arent even strictly Thor stories per se, theyre the Tales of Asgard backups that appeared in every issue of Journey into Mystery from #97 on. It was these stories, many of them directly based on Norse mythology, where you could see the direction the Thor series would eventually take. The scope here is far more grand, and there are all sorts of wild settings and imaginative new characters. Jack Kirbys art really shines here; in the Thor stories there are generally between 5 and 8 panels per page; in Tales of Asgard its usually more like 3 or 4, which gives him a bigger canvas to work with to match the bigger scale.I havent yet read Volume 2 of the Essential Thor, but it looks like thats where the series really takes off: the Olympian gods are introduced, theres all sorts of cosmic goings-on with Tana Nile and Ego the Living Planet, and even the common criminal supervillains are powerhouses like the Absorbing Man worthy of Thors hammer.

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